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On photo therapy

Therapists who practice a kind of photo-therapy find that "during periods of stress and family crisis... there is a sharp drop in the numbers of pictures taken. This includes periods surrounding illness, death, family separations and fragmentations, and heightened conflict between differrent members and fractions of the family... Periods of depression, crisis, disorganization, and rapid family change are ofter characterized by the absense of pictures. Gaps in the picture chronology can point to questions to be asked about loss, separation, disappointment, and grief. " Florence W. Kaslow and Jack Friedman, "Utilization of Family Photos and Movies in Family Therapy," Journal of Marriage and Family Counseling (January 1977): 20,30.

Note on Michelle Citron's first chapter "What's Wrong with this picture?" from "Home movies and other necessary fictions". University of Minessota Press. 1999.

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Blogger jweiser dijo, aunque sin mucho sentido ...

Happy to see my Colleague Dr. Kaslow mentioned here. If you are interested in more information about "PhotoTherapy", please see this website, which has a LOT more info, as well as links to other people and publications...

(If you wish to send a message to Dr. Kaslow, send it to me and I will forward it to her for you...)

Judy Weiser
Director of the PhotoTherapy Centre
Vancouver Canada

mar. nov. 16, 02:36:00 a.m.  
Blogger Guergana Tzatchkov dijo, aunque sin mucho sentido ...

How nice!

Thanks for the link.

mar. nov. 16, 06:22:00 p.m.  

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