lunes, junio 06, 2011

Sobre el origen del término "joto"

"Joto": simply "afeminado", according to the Diccionario de mejicanismos compiled by Francisco J. Santamaría (México: Porrúa, 2000), is indee a much more complicated term. It is, above all, a derisive way to refer to a gay male, and is purportedly derived from the "J" [jota] wing of Mexico City's infamous Lecumberri Prison, dating from the Porfiriato, where homosexuals and other "sexual deviants" were traditionally held. [...] The feminine of the noun is used to underline ultra effeminate behavir, jota being more derisive than joto, while conversely, jotito is less derisive than joto. It engendered a verb: "jotear." When jotos get together and speak of themselves in the feminine form, they are practicing the act (art?) of jotear.

- Foot Note on Schuessler, Michael. "Vestidas, Locas, Mayates and Machos: History and Homosexuality in Mexican Cinema."

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