viernes, noviembre 08, 2013

On old hipsters

A growing number of  names are emerging to identify these temporally compressed lifestyle choices. "Grup," for example, is New York magazine journalist Adam Sternbergh's new term for the aging yuppie hipster. Grups is the word for "grown-ups", used on a world ruled by children ir a Star Trek episode: turns out all the adults have died of a strange virus that quickly ages and kills anyone who has passed puberty - but extends the lifetimes of children to hundreds of years. Likewise, real-world grups are hip, indie fortysomethings who, according to Sternbergh, "look, talk, act, and dress like people who are 22 years old. It's not about a fad but a phenomenon that looks to be permanent. Grups wear the vintage sneakers of their own childhoods, put their babies in  indie rock T-shirts, and use messenger bags instead of briefcases.

- From "Present Shock. When everything happens now". By Douglas Rushkoff.

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