domingo, septiembre 28, 2008

Frankie and Albert

Frankie was a woman, everybody know
Paid one hundred dollar to buy 'er man a suit of clothes
Was her man 'cause he done her wrong

Frankie went out walkin', did not go for fun
Had on her apron Albert's forty-one
Kill my man 'cause he done me wrong

Frankie went down to the first saloon; called for a bottle of beer
Asked her lovin' bartender: Lovin' man been here?
He's my man but he done me wrong

Frankie went by her house, didn't give them long
Looked through the window glass: Albert in woman's arms
He's my man, but he done me wrong

I ain't gonna tell you no story, I ain't gonna tell you no lie
Albert left here a hour ago, woman named Alice Fly
He's your man 'cause he done you wrong

Frankie, she shot Albert - fell all in a knot
Cryin' - Oh dear Mrs. Johnson, now your son is shot
I'm your son and the only one

Frankie, she shot Albert- fell upon his knee
Cryin' - Oh Policeman, don't let that woman kill me
I'm her man and I done her wrong

Rubber-tired hearse, rubber-tired hack
Take you out to the graveyard, and bring you mother back
Was her son and the only one

Turn me over mother, turn me over slow
Turn me over to your left side, never turn me over no mo'
I'm your son and the only one

Takin' Albert to the graveyard, went to let him down
Frankie was a-singin' with a doleful sound
Killed you man 'cause you done me wrong

Frankie went to Mrs. Johnson, fell down on her knee
Cryin' - O Mrs. Johnson will you forgive me please?
Killed your son 'cause he done me wrong

Mrs. Johnson said: Frankie, I'll forgive you not
Killed poor Albert, only son I'm got
Killed my son, and the only one

Frankie went to the graveyard, fell down on her knee:
Speak one word, Albert, give my heart some ease
Killed you man 'cause you done me wrong

Farewell, farewell, farewell, farewell

Poor boy, poor boy, poor boy, poor boy

My son, my son, my son, my son

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

-Canción tradicional Estadounidense cantada por Lead Belly

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