miércoles, abril 29, 2009

Justificación moral sobre los asesinatos en Juárez

Foto: Greg Bloom

Bien dicen que México es surrealista, pero si ser surrealista significa caer en esta clase de taradeces bien podríamos evolucionar un poquito, ¿no?

A Spanish criminologist echoed the by now standard "moral panic" about the dangers of modernization: "As a result of the influence of the United States, women are joining the workforce at an earlier age and therefore discovering independence. This means young women could become more promiscuous. Some of these independent women have mantained sexual relations with more than one person. This behavior leads to danger.(1)"

1) Quoted in Anne Marie Mackler, "Another Expert Explains Murders of Women", Frontera Norte Sur website, http://frontera.nmsu.edu, accessed September 1998.

- Fregoso, Rosa Linda . meXicana Encounters. University of California Press. p. 4

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