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Los yanquis

The white man comes, pale as the dawn, with a load of thought, with a slumbering intelligence as a fire raked up, knowing well what he knows, not guessing but calculating; strong in community, yielding obedience to authority; of experienced race; of wonderful, wonderful common sense; dull but capable, slow but persevering, severe but just, of little humor but genuine; a laboring man, despising game and sport; building a house that endures, a framed house. He buys the Indian's moccasins and baskets, then buys his hunting-grounds, and at length forgets where he is buried and ploughs up his bones. And here town records, old, tattered, time-worn, weather-stained chronicles, contain the Indian sachem's mark perchance, an arrow or a beaver, and the few fatal words by which he deeded his hunting-grounds away. He comes with a list of ancient Saxon, Norman, and Celtic names, and strews them up and down this river, -- Framingham, Sudbury, Bedford, Carlisle, Billerica, Chelmsford, -- and this is New Angle-land, and these are the New West Saxons whom the Red Men call, not Angle-ish or English, but Yengeese, and so at last they are known for Yankees.
- Henry David Thoreau
"A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers"

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Anonymous Anónimo dijo, aunque sin mucho sentido ...

Gran Thoureau... casi tanto como parece !

lun. feb. 21, 02:33:00 a.m.  
Blogger Firmin dijo, aunque sin mucho sentido ...

POSTEA GUERGANA POSETA !!! que ya está llegando el Mono...

POSTEA maldita no SEA(s)

mar. mar. 08, 03:39:00 p.m.  

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