viernes, noviembre 08, 2013

On the dangers of mediated communication

[...] No wonder they have so many misunderstandings; they are missing out on that 94 percent of human communication that occurs nonverbally. It's not only the words we say but the visual cues we send while saying them. The tension in our mouth, the shape of our eyes, the lines in our foreheads, and the direction of our eyebrows tell what we are feeling. How else to distinguish between enthusiasm and sarcasm, or a joke and a complaint? Sometimes our faces communicate indirectly, compensating unconsciously for our words. Threatening statements may be undermined by a softening gaze or a subtle smile. It's as if our bodies know how to keep the peace, even when our words may be disagreeing.

- From "Present Shock. When Everything Happens Now" By Douglas Rushkoff.

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