viernes, junio 28, 2013

Renting out family members in Japan

miércoles, junio 26, 2013

Sex with Robots

The future:

Aiko, the world's first sexually harassed, disabled Fembot: For more information on this subject I suggest reading "Alone Together: Why except more from technology and less from each other". Written by Shirley Turkle.

martes, junio 25, 2013

Tamagotchi Graveyard

Owner: Alison
Name: Little Guy
Age: 48
Type: Mamitchi
Cause of death: The battery drained out


I hope you are very happy, Little Guy. I'm currently taking care of your son. I know he's yours because he looks and acts just like you. I'm really sorry I couldn't save you and had you on pause a lot when you were older. Thanks a lot for being the best Tamagotchi anyone could've ever owned.

More Obituaries at Tamagotchi Graveyard.

domingo, junio 23, 2013

Paro Robot for the elderly

El futuro ya nos alcanzó. :/

sábado, junio 08, 2013

Digital Nation - Distracted by Everything

¿Nos damos cuenta de las implicaciones que tiene en nuestra vida el uso cotidiano de las nuevas tecnologías? ¿Son nuestros cerebros capaces de hacer multitasking? ¿Nos hemos vuelto más eficientes o estamos eternamente distraídos?

Watch Digital Nation on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

martes, junio 04, 2013

Program or be programmed by Douglas Rushkoff



General Purpose Users.

General Purpose Users can write an article in their e-mail client, layout their business card in Excel and shave in front of a web cam. They can also find a way to publish photos online without flickr, tweet without twitter, like without facebook, make a black frame around pictures without instagram, remove a black frame from an instagram picture and even wake up at 7:00 without a “wake up at 7:00” app.
- Turing Complete User. Olia Lialina.

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