miércoles, noviembre 05, 2008

Y dale con los filósofos alemanes

Do you know about Schopenhauer?

I don't remember how it goes exactly but he says life goes constantly from boredom to suffering to boredom.

So right now maybe you're not so fine, but then you're going to be bored.

(Ojo, el párrafo que sigue es de Wikipedia.)
Arthur Schopenhauer used the existence of boredom in an attempt to prove the vanity of human existence, stating, "...for if life, in the desire for which our essence and existence consists, possessed in itself a positive value and real content, there would be no such thing as boredom: mere existence would fulfil and satisfy us."

Hehe. So as it goes life is just trying to get stuff, once you have that you get bored and look for other things to suffer for..

I think I prefer being bored all the time. I've had already enough of the suffering part.

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