jueves, abril 30, 2009

Un poco más

The outdated Roman and Napoleonic codes informing Mexico's legal system have in fact ratified and promoted violence against women, especially in the private sphere, where male violence is normalized as "a mechanism of punishment and control." Mexico's regulatory and judicial system, strengthened by traditional cultural values, supports "the idea of masculine authority and ownership" over the lives of women and grants male impunity in the exercise of violence agaisnt women. In fact few Latin American countries have legislation against violence in the private sphere. Under current Mexican law, if injuries inflicted during interfamilial violence heal before fifteen days, the woman cannot file charges agaist her domestic partner; if the injuries heal after fifteen days but are not permanent, the aggressor is simply fined.

- Fregoso, Rosa Linda . meXicana Encounters. University of California Press. p. 17

¡Ay, nanitas planchadas!

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