lunes, mayo 03, 2010

Polly-te! Polly-tique! Polly-glot! Polly-styrene!

El cine sí que era arte en los sesentas.

Una muestra, de la película satírica sobre el mundo de la moda "Qui êtes-vous Polly Maggoo?". Escrita y dirigida en 1966 por el fotógrafo y director William Klein.

Estéticamente impecable, crítica, audaz, magnifique!

Un trocito de diálogo, tres politisee:

Man: Taste this, Miss Polly. Have you ever had that? You don't have that in America?

Polly: What is it?

Man: Calf's head.

Polly: Is this French cooking?

Man: Yes. Grégoire's mother makes it.

Man: It's very special. You'll love it.

Someone: She loves it!

Some other man: You don't have that in America!

Everything's canned over there!

Tv-show director: The news said they're even canning wine.

Gregoire: In America?

Tv-show director: In France. To send to America.

Gregoire: I thought so. Miss Polly, I was a military observer in America. My American military colleagues looked down on me, but I was more in the know than them and had a historical background they lacked.

Tv-show director: Incredible!

Gregoire: Americans are children, but they're our children. We Europeans gave them everything... even their liberty!

Tv-show director: Liberty!

Gregoire: And the statue to go with it!

Polly: It's true, Grégoire.


Some other man: Americans are all beef-jerky jerks!

Juliette: Americans are filthy, and stupid too. What do you expect, with brains so much smaller than ours? You can't tell them apart. They're racists too... and filthy.

Juliette's mother? (peut-être): Come now, Juliette! Pas tout!

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