lunes, octubre 30, 2006

La ensalada César

Para los que pensamos en los emperadores romanos.

Caesar salad was invented in 1924 by Caesar Cardini. Cardini was an Italian restaurateur and chef in Tijuana, Mexico. He was living in San Diego but working in Tijuana to avoid the restrictions of Prohibition. There are several stories about the specifics of the salad's creation. The most common is that it resulted from a Fourth of July rush depleting the kitchen's supplies, and Cardini made do with what he had, adding the dramatic flair of a table-side tossing. Another is that it was created for a group of Hollywood stars after a long weekend party.

Most stories say that Cardini had to whip something up from what he had left in his kitchen, and the Caesar salad was the result. The Hotel César still exists in downtown Tijuana, where the original dish is still served.

- Artículo completo. De Wikipedia.

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Anonymous boo dijo, aunque sin mucho sentido ...

Y cual es la verdadera ensalada César? Es que tiene mil variaciones no?

sáb. nov. 11, 12:41:00 p.m.  

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